Whether in a high-level athlete or a boardroom setting, the ability to pivot to meet the changing dynamic of the game or business situation has always been highly valued.

In software development, it is no different.

The software being developed today is created within the framework of one of two development methodologies. They are:

  • A Traditional “Waterfall” Approach – In this approach, everything related to the proposed software is decided upon up front and then developed as a single unit.
  • The Agile Development Approach – In this approach, a general direction and set of features are set, but work is completed in short bursts, with constant reevaluation and changes.

This second approach, Agile Software Development, is now considered to be the gold standard of software development. Why? Because at the end of the project, the customer receives a product that has been released, evaluated, and tweaked all along the way while incorporating or discarding those elements that are either desired or unwanted.

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So what then is Agile Software Development?

It is a project management methodology that highly values collaboration and short bursts of work on a predetermined set of features.

What is the process of Agile Software Development?

  1. The client comes in with an idea for software and features.
  2. The features are discussed with the team and a Backlog is created.
  3. Based on the client’s priorities, the client and team organize the Backlog to develop the most important things first.
  4. The team works in short bursts called “sprints” generally lasting between five and twenty days. At the end of each sprint the client reviews the software and reevaluates the backlog, adding or removing items and adjusting priority as necessary.
  5. The software is tweaked in relation to style and functionality continually throughout the process
  6. Through a number of “sprints” and countless releases, evaluations, and adjustments the software is finally ready for the end user.

Agile Software Development is considered to be a superior methodology for building software for the following reasons.

  • Agile Development encourages collaboration.
  • Agile Development is iterative. Those short “sprints” allow the developers to constantly evaluate, get client input, and improve the product.
  • As opposed to “waterfall” development, Agile Development loves changes.
  • Agile Development is streamlined and has far less of a documentation overburden.
  • Agile Development focuses on time rather than features. This is known as “timeboxing” and helps prevent cost over-runs.
  • Agile Development allows for a high level of client involvement.
  • Agile Development brings work product to release quickly and frequently as the software comes to life.
  • Agile Development allows for communication surrounding project budget as the project progresses.
  • Agile Development has a built-in climate of continual improvement.
  • Agile Development empowers the client as the priorities for items in the backlog can be altered at any time.

For all of these reasons and more, the Mahisoft team strongly embraces the iterative, Agile Software Development approach.

We believe that it results in a superior product, and we know from experience that this development methodology ultimately results in higher customer satisfaction. In fact, this approach allows us to develop software that is tailored to the client’s needs and because of the fine-tuned continual re-evaluation process in which it was developed, this approach to software development gives our clients a competitive advantage.

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