iOS app development is a key driving force behind online business marketing. It has become a vital tool for many represented niche markets and industries across the web. Many of those in the market for iOS app development face having to look for a professional iOS app developer who’s able to meet their requirements. And, there are many companies promising outstanding results (in addition to other guarantees) in the rush to claim a piece of this ultra-popular and burgeoning market. However, only a few iOS “app dev” companies can truly meet the challenge and requirements involved.

iPhone vs. Android Apps

There is much debate about which platform for mobile apps is better: iOS or Android. What’s indisputable is you must have an outstanding iOS app if you expect to compete for your customers’ attention in the increasingly crowded mobile marketing space. You need to have an iOS application if you expect to be taken seriously by many of your potential (or current) customers. The marketing facts and data on iOS apps, though, clearly delineate the differences between iOS and Android apps:

  • iOS users spend more money on in-app purchases than Android users
  • iOS users make a lot more money than Android users
  • iOS apps take less time to build than Android apps (fewer lines of code needed)
  • Swift – Apple’s IDE platform for mobile applications is significantly easier to work on than Android’s Eclipse
  • Only three versions of the iOS platform exist, vs. eight versions for Android

iOS Popularity and Power

The iPhone is among the best-selling mobiles worldwide, with nearly 200 million users in the US alone. Android is much more popular than iOS outside the US. Nevertheless, finding a reliable iOS app developer or company is a key to having a successful online business, granting you an endless source of potential customers globally. At the same time, the process includes many essential factors and components that must be mastered if your iOS app development platform is to be taken seriously. We considered that process and embrace it as part of our own best iOS development practices.

iOS is a wider platform than Android and enterprisers tend to bring plentiful queries ranging from development to pricing before they initiate a new iPhone application. iOS allows you to adopt iPhone applications relating to multiple domains including music, health, finance, social networking, education, photos and videos, and much more, making it the platform of choice for roughly half of the mobile phone market.

Our iOS App Development Practices

Generally, iOS maintains some mandatory rules for listing applications in its App Store. Our experts have detailed knowledge of these mandatory rules, and they can quickly and successfully translate your business ideas into the app store listings. We work based on specifics (terms and specifications), and keep an eye on even the most minute details in developing faultless iPhone applications. As a proven iPhone application development company, we identify the aspirations of clients and create iPhone applications in the exact way as shown in the demo to bring them fortuitous and profitable turns in their business. We also believe in (are developing) or already deliver:

  • Superior app interface design
  • Native iOS app development using Objective C
  • More perfect integration
  • Development of GP-based “real life” applications
  • Feedback-oriented development
  • High-quality iPhone app assets (backgrounds)
  • Development-integrated client reporting system
  • iPhone app creation relating to multiple domains
  • Wearable iPhone apps design

Have Questions About Our Mobile App Development Process?

If you have any questions, feel free to contact a helpful mobile app development specialist at Mahisoft, a proven leader in software and mobile app development. Call us at (855) 624-4763 or email us at for more information.

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