With so many mobile apps (whether Android or iPhone) being released in so short a time-period, mobile app designers need to create apps that truly stand out. There is the consideration of creating mobile app designs with excellent UI experience in mind. And, the tendency to both follow and avoid top mobile app design trends is also at the forefront of the mobile app debate. This presents a great challenge for mobile app designers, with both pros and cons resulting.  In mobile app design and development, not all apps are translatable to the marketplace, nor are they created equally (of course). Some will naturally have greater market penetration and popularity than others.

With the nature of mobile app development changing by the hour, and factors like responsive design, touch screens, and Internet of Things (IoT) development ramping up in a big way, a huge surge in mobile app creation pertinent to IoT connectivity and navigability has occurred. There are questions of marketing, varying utility (UX, usability), higher resolution, retina displays, and innovation regarding mobile app development that developers and end users alike need to consider before either embarking on a new app build-out or dropping a mobile app into your device’s queue.

Some Noteworthy Mobile App Design Challenges

Some of the top mobile app design challenges are in the visual and “tactile utility” area. In other words, using color as a hierarchy to order importance of functions, and proper spacing between buttons and text so that you don’t turn off your users by having the app be too busy. Basically, don’t be too fancy (where you don’t need to be), and make your app as pragmatically functional, ergonomic, and keep it simple.

Mobile app developers are seeing “all kinds of new challenges,” says Daniel Myers, writing in a November 3rd App Developer Magazine article. “Before embarking on any connected-product project, it’s crucial to understand why IoT mobile apps are different, and how that difference will affect your IoT development process,” he adds. To summarize the “not-to-dos” laid out in Myers’ piece, they are:

  • Treating mobile devices as a single, cohesive market
  • Neglecting cloud and connectivity issues
  • Loading too many features onto your mobile app
  • Misunderstanding the fundamental role of mobile apps in IoT products
  • Skimping on the user experience
  • Overlooking mobile app security
  • Forgetting to consider future unknowns

Drew Lesko’s article in Marketing Mag titled, “There’s No Such Thing as a Perfect App” tells some perhaps hard-to-swallow truths (for designers and retailers) about mobile apps. Lesko makes the argument for taking more time to let app design ideas germinate and gather (focus group or beta testing) feedback, which runs against some designers’ motivations to have them out in as short a time-frame as possible.

Mobile App Popularity in Design Considerations

To further condense a flurry of ideas floating around out there on the subject, in order to achieve mobile app popularity, you have to first know the true purpose of your app. Vague or nebulous concepts and features won’t do. Your mobile app also must be stable (i.e. no bugs, slow-downs, or too much CPU consumption). Your app must be attractively designed, load in relatively quick time, and not load built-in, bothersome ads (if you’re looking to monetize your mobile app with advertisers). And, you’ll also want to be open to customer feedback, allowing for more flexibility in adding or removing features post-release.

Trendiness Is Next to App-iness

There is a fine line walked by mobile app designers, which is to make their apps trendy, useful, and fun, but also not too “follow-the-herd” in their approach. To make them attractive but not too fancy or “show off-y” with bells and whistles is another challenge. There are many sites that share mobile app design tips, and there is a constant stream of news stories about the very latest apps ready for download to iPhones, Androids, tablets, etc. But, the truly groundbreaking apps are the ones that go off the trendiness reservation and bring back the gems of true mobile app design ingenuity.

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