If you’re a real estate agent or broker, there are some great mobile apps worth checking out which will enhance your professional communications and social media experience. Here are 10 very useful real estate apps to get excited about:

  1. Refresh

A very popular app right now is Refresh, which works by connecting data from your social networks, contacts, calendar (and more) to paint a picture of exactly who you are meeting with, delivering you insightful info before each meeting. Perhaps you just want to know more about someone, search their name to locate background information, criminal history, etc. It’s like searching through multiple social media profiles all from one simple app.

Free for iOS | Web app

  1. RPR Mobile™

This would be an incomplete list without RPR Mobile. You never know when you are going to get that next property inquiry. RPR Mobile delivers the data and reporting found on the RPR website directly to your phone. Using RPR Mobile, RPR realtors can use their location to search both on and off-market properties, while also uncovering mortgage, historical and distressed data, flood zones, school info and more. Then, you can easily create one of 5 different property and neighborhood reports, each branded with your photo, logo and contact information. As a REALTOR®, there is no cost to use RPR, the system is 100% covered by your NAR member dues.

Free for iOS | Free for Android

  1. Vert

As a REALTOR®, you often need to convert metrics, whether it’s size, weight, length, even currency. This nifty app makes those conversations incredibly simple—tap on the measurement and then swipe. The basic app is free for iOS, and $2.99 for Pro version on iOS.

  1. Scannable

If you’ve used Evernote, you’re really going to appreciate this app. Scannable is the newest app from Evernote, and makes saving and sharing scans easy. Just aim the camera, and Scannable immediately identifies business cards, receipts, and other paper items in its view finder. Scannable automatically detects the document edges and then captures it. In regards to the business card scanning, I really like the additional photo and LinkedIn details that it added to the contact records. For now, this app is only available for iPhone and iPad, although an Android version is apparently in the works. Free for iOS.

  1. Adobe Photoshop Express

If you don’t have a go-to app for editing images, install Adobe Photoshop Express. This powerful app performs the image editing basics like cropping, rotating, and red eye and blemish removal. It also makes it easy to apply adjustments to correct contrast, exposure, and white balance. Once you’ve applied your changes to the photo, save back to your camera roll or share to social media sites including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Free for iOS, free for Android.

  1. DocuSign for REALTORS

If you want an app to maximize your time, DocuSign for REALTORS is a winner. It combines the power of eSignatures and DocuSign Transaction Rooms to make it simple for users to keep transactions organized while on the go. Enhance your DocuSign experience with the DocuSign Broker Edition, which assists in managing transactions business-wide while also providing better mobility to agents. DocuSign for REALTORS and DocuSign Broker Edition are available for Android and iOS.

  1. IFTTT

Much more than just a unique acronym, If This Then That (IFTTT) automates tasks between Internet-connected services.  IFTTT has more than 160 channels  for you to create connections between. For example, maybe you want new comments on your blog to send you a text message, or you want to backup each new contact you add to your phone in a Google Spreadsheet, or maybe even log how much time you spend at home or the office. This and thousands of other configurations can be accomplished with this powerful service, which is free for iOS and for Android.

  1. Homesnap

Homesnap is the Snapchat of real estate, and works by allowing users to take a photo of any home nationwide and receive instant information on it from MLS listings, including additional information such as census data, property tax records and more. Created in 2008, Homesnap has become one of the highest-rated real estate apps for both home buyers and sellers, providing real-time access to agent-only MLS data as well as unique branding aspect for agents to promote themselves. Homesnap has all the tools for agents, teams and brokers, including production metrics, agent rankings and reports. Available for iOS only.

  1. Deductr 2

At tax time, Deductr 2 is an app that will help you make tracking tax deductions easy. Use the app to add business income and expenses, log receipts, even track mileage using your phone’s GPS. Then come tax time, use the Deductr website to create a profit & loss report, tax summary, mileage summary and lots more. Although the app is free, the Deductr Pro service is $19.95 a month or $199 for the year. This is a small expense given that without proper records, many REALTORS® likely pay thousands extra each year in overpaid taxes.

Free for iOS and Android.

  1. Zillow Real Estate

The leading real estate marketplace, Zillow, is another of the must-have real estate apps for professionals. Designed to put you and your house on the map with the click of a button, the app allows users to seamlessly browse homes for sale and rent, granting access to more than one million listings not found on MLS. Zillow recently integrated a new video feature into the app, Video Walkthrough, which gives buyers a more realistic view of what to expect from a home. Sellers can even create their own video walkthrough by visiting the app. However, an agent will have to approve the video before it goes live. Zillow Real Estate is available for Android and iOS.

Have Questions About Real Estate Apps? 

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