Xamarin – Develop Native IOS and Android Apps from One Code Base (https://www.xamarin.com/)

Recently, Microsoft acquired a software development company called Xamarin. For those outside of the tech world, this acquisition went nearly unnoticed, but for those that are in the “know” this acquisition signaled a monumental change in app development.

How big is this change? Well, when Xamarin was purchased by Microsoft its users went up by 300%. That’s huge! In addition to the bump in users, the association with Microsoft brings a level of credibility and a boatload of capital to this revolutionary app development company – and its exceptional product.

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Xamarin is one of those products that comes into an industry and turns it upside-down. It is, in every sense of the word, “revolutionary”.

“So,” you ask, “what’s the big deal about Xamarin?”

The “secret sauce” of Xamarin is found in what is called “shared code.” This “shared code allows the developer to write one code base and natively compile apps.

Simply put, 75% of the code that Xamarin uses is shared by iOS, Android, or Windows. By integrating wrapper classes, an app developer can write just one code for an app that will be used natively on all three operating systems.

Why does this matter?

  • It saves time! – The developer only has to write code once.
  • It saves development dollars!
  • It speeds the release of the app onto all three platforms! – faster to market

Xamarin is the future of app development!

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